Key facts

9 Full Days in 3 Modules

4 days theory

2 days workshops

2 days live surgery

1 day work on patient

In partnership with The Institute for Advance Dental Studies, Boston (USA)

He received his medical degree at Ferrara University (Italy) in 1978 and specialized in Dentistry at Genova University (Italy) in 1981.

Master of Science in Periodontology at Boston University in 1984.

  • Active member of the Italian Society of Periodontology since 1987.
  • Author or coauthor in many articles and books.
  • Former Professor for the Periodontology Course at  Ferrara University
  • Teaching Professor on European Master Degree in Periodontology at Dental School University of Torino.
  • Teaching Professor on  Master Degree in Oral Surgery and Patology in Parma University, focusing on GBR topics.
  • Graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Bologna in 1975,
  • Specializing subsequently in Odontostomatology in Pisa in 1980.
  • Participated in Continuing Education programs at Boston University, Columbia University, the University of Goteborg and the Royal Dental College of Aarhus University from 1977 to 1990.
  • From 1986 to 1989 he served as the “Corse Director” of Gore-Tex ( USA) in Italy for teaching Tissue Regenerative and Bone Surgical Techniques.
  • From 1988 to 1992 he collaborated with “Coletica” of Lion (France) for the research and clinical applications of cross-linked collagens in Regenerative Techniques.
  • Since 1996 he is a member of the IADR (International Association for Dental Research).
  • In 1998 he served as Director of the Research Group of the University of Siena for the clinical application of Amelogenin in Guided Tissue Regeneration.
  • He has also collaborated since 1998 with the “Tissue Bank of Florida University” for experimental applications in the field of use of bone tissues extracted from cadavers or synthesis products.
  • Professor at the University of Pisa at the Department of Oral Surgery from 2001 to 2008.
  • In the years 2004 and 2005 he held courses of teaching of Piezo surgical technique and Sinus Lift techniques in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).
  • In 2008 he started a professional collaboration with Prof. Frank Palm, director of the Maxillofacial Surgery Department of Constance (Germany).
  • Scientific and Clinical Co-operator SSCB (Swiss Bank Stem Cells) Lugano Swiss.
  • He has published 26 articles in national and foreign specialized magazines.
  • He has participated as a speaker at 156 international and national congresses.

Why to be there?

The Perio Masterclass 2020 program, offer a 360 ° periodontal approach.

Unique opportunity to attend two different periodontology schools, following Boston University and University of Gothenburg medical approaches.

The masterclass integrates an educational structure never met in Romania before.

The course will include lectures, workshops, live surgeries and patient treatment

Be part of the interactive debate between Dr. Giorgio Carusi and Dr. Parma Benfenati and you can take home, the newest and most complete skills of periodontology


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